After Camp - Feed Back

From: Ga Sieng nang, Sun, 10 Jun 2001, Subject: Tung Nguyen IV
From: Nguyen Lien-Huong, Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Subject: Mix info & to Wood Badge Staff
From: Sy Vo, Fri, 15 Jun 2001
From: Kim Thoa, Fri, 15,2001
From: Duc Nam, Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Subject: .........Tho tang Chan Nhu
From: Hoang Kim Chau, Sat, 16 Jun 2001, Subject: Tho:Trang rung
From: Hoang Kim Chau (2), Sat, 16 Jun 2001, Subject: Thu cam on.
From: Ly Nhat Hui,  Sun, 17 Jun 2001, Subject: Special Edition!
From: Nguyen Cuu Lam, Sun, 17 Jun 2001, Subject: Thank You


* *

From: Ga sieng nang
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001
Subject: Tung Nguyen IV

Hello......Beaver, Bobwhite, Eagle, Fox,Owl, va` Bear !!!!!

Mo.i ngu+o+`i dda~ ve^~ dde^'n nha` bi`nh an chu+a va^.y ???? Beaver gia` na`y ve^` dde^'n nha` bi`nh an ru`i ....gio+` ho?i tha(m ta^'t ca? nha ...nho+' "hu' " le^n cho Beaver gia` na`y bie^'t vo+'i nha ....nha^'t la` ca'c Beaver nho+' hu' giu`m nha ....

Gio+` xin cho ba con la`ng tre^n xo'm du+o+'i bie^'t nhu+~ng ca'i nha^'t cu?a Tu`ng Nguye^n IV nha :

1. Tu`ng Nguye^n IV co' nhie^`u La~o O^ng, La~o Ba` nha^'t .
2. Tu`ng Nguye^n IV vui ve~ va` ddoa`n ke^'t nha^'t.
4. Tu`ng Nguye^n IV cu+o+`i nhie^`u nha^'t.
5. DDo^.i Cu' (Owl) la` ddo^.i ha't nhie^`u nha^'t.
6. DDo^.i Ha?i Ly (Beaver) la` ddo^.i ha't i't nha^'t.
7. DDa^`u be^'p na^'u a(n ngon nha^'t .
8. Ba'n ddd^.i (ddo.c te^n ddo^.i lo^.n) cho ddo^.i kha'c nhie^`u nha^'t.
9. Thu+'c khuya va` da^.y so+'m nha^'t .
10. Nhie^`u muo^~i nha^'t.
11. Nhie^`u hoa cha^n (vi` muo^~i "chi't" ) nha^'t .
12. Ngu+o+`i ta('m i't nha^'t la` Ga` tui .....hihihihi

Co`n ca'i na`o nha^'t thi` xin ta^'t ca? ca'c ba.n Tu`ng Nguye^n IV bo? the^m va`o nha ...

Chu'c mo.i ngu+o+`i mo^.t tua^`n mo+'i tha^.t vui ve~


Ga` Sie^ng Na(ng
1930 - Arlington TX

* *

From: Nguyen Lien-Huong
Fri, 15 Jun 2001

Cha`o ta^'t ca? qui' Tru+o+?ng

Sau khi ddu+o+.c Florida's "STATE BIRD" chi'ch dda~ ddo+`i trong ky` tra.i vu+`a qua. Kho^ng bie^'t qui' Tr. o+? ddi.a phu+o+ng co' bi. la`m thi.t nhie^`u nhu+ nhu+ng ke? o+? phu+o+ng xa kho^ng?

Qui', Cha^n Nhu+, va` Nga^n ve^` nha` co' bi. ba me. la vi` "hoa cha^n & hoa tay" kho^ng? :o(

Beaver ddu+`ng que^n dda^.p dduo^i cho anh Ga` Sie^ng Na(ng mi~m cu+o+`i nhe :o).

Kho^ng bie^t qui' anh chi. ve^` nha` kie^?m ddie^?m la.i co' tha^'y mi`nh tha^'t la.c ddo^` ma` kho^ng bie^'t ho?i ai kho^ng? Hay la` ba lo^ va^~n co`n dde^? mo^.t go'c cho+` dde^'n TT7, kho?i pha?i tha'o ra? :o)

Va`i anh chi. cha('c la` tha^y ba lo^ cu?a mi`nh nhe. tre^n ddu+o+`ng ve^`. Rie^ng ba lo^ cu?a Owl nha` to+' dda^y bo^?ng na(.ng ho+n khi ddi tra.i vi` mo^.t so^' anh chi. que^n ddo^` o+? tra.i. Xin ke^ ra dda^y 3 mo'n ma` Owl nha to+' ddang giu+~, anh chi. na`o ca^`n chuo^.c la.i xin cho bie^'t dde^? go+?i la.i kho^? chu?.

Beaver Thu?y Tie^n co' phong bi` ca^`n chuo^.c la.i. Th+' ba?y na`y nho+' mang che` le^n tra.i dde^? chuo^.c nhe :o)

Mo^.t ma'y chu.p hi`nh Pentax

Mo^.t a'o mu+a ma`u xanh.

Nhu+~ng chuye^.n la('c nha('c dda~ xong. Ba^y gio+` xin the^m va`i do`ng dde^'n ta^'t ca? qui' Tr. trong Staff. Xin phe'p qui' nie^n Tr. cho em vie^'t ba(`ng tie^'ng My~ vi` em mo~i tay vo+'i dda'nh ma'y ba(`ng ie^'ng Vie^.t ro^`i :o(


Dear SR-430 Staffs,

Thank you for all the efforts & hard works you had put into this pass Wood Badge training. We know all of you have taken your own personal times from work & also away from your families, from the comfort of your own beds, from no mosquitoes, tics, flies, and other unknown creatures for the good of Scouting.

You may not think of the need to express our "Thank You". Many of you give & give without expect much return. Often our thanks are silent, but as we all know the "Thank You" return when we give what we recieved to the youth in Scout movement.

I like to take this opportunity to let you all know how much I treasure old friends I had, the new friends I made, the things I learn, the times I spend, and even endure all the mosquitoes & tics bytes I got at camp.

We may not have all the times we want to get to know each and everyone at camp, but you all have a reserved spot in a pocket of my heart that I will always treasure.

Love & Friendship in Scouting,

(Owl patrol)

P.S To all English speaking Leaders, sorry for the Vietnamese part at the begining, but I have to express in both language. :o)

* *

From: Sy Vo
Fri, 15 Jun 2001 

Hello chi Lien Huong

Thank you very much for sharing your thought. You speak for my heart too.


I thank you all the staffs for putting altogether this wonderfull woodbage program.
Especially thank you to Truong HUI, the SPL whom we did not thank you enough during
the course.

I wish you all have a wonderful time with your unit.

Vo Dinh Sy
Bob White patrol

* *

From: Kim Thoa
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001

Dear members of the "all-nighter" patrol (Beaver, Eagle, Fox, Owl and Bear):

I hope that everyone of you are doing well. It's been almost a week and would you believe that I still have not unpacked yet! Yes, it's been rough coming home to civilization. I made a 2 trips to the doctor for my "polka dotted ailments", was put on medication until yesterday. So, I'm finally up and coherent today.

Anyways, I did not get an opportunity to say thank you. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to work with all of you. I've made some very good memories and friendships that will always be cherished. In such a short period of time, I feel that we have truly bonded as brothers and sisters in scouting. Having completed the course, I now fully understand "listening to learn", "communication", and "managing conflict". As a troop guide, it was very much a learning experience for me also. I know that our work does not end here, it is only a beginning. I know that the road ahead may be challenging as we motivate our patrol members to work on their tickets, but I know that with each other's support, we will be able to fly through as creatures in the night.

As we move forward with our own lives, the memories made yesterday will always be in our hearts, but the "scars" we have on our legs are evident reminders that somewhere out there, there is an "all-nighter" member that shares the same mark. Be not ashamed, but be proud that there are only "5 crazy ones" out there. Have a wonderful day.

Truly yours in Scouting,

Tran Kim Thoa
Honary Bobwhite, but forever a Fox

* *

From: Duc Nam
Fri, 15 Jun 2001

Dear chi Lien Huong,

Xin cung chung loi voi chi cam on den cac Tr. Staff. Mai mai khong bao gio quen. "Cao Phe^." san sang ghi danh khi Tr. De^. can den. Con Tr. "Cao Tram Ngam" chi da boi duong cho anh ay lai suc chua? Nhap voi nhom Cao nay quay dzu qua so anh ay e am.

A! co bai tho tang cho Chan Nhu chi a:

Sang qua thuc day em chot thay
Doi chan qui phai, no day hoa
Luon tay em gai met thay ba
Vua xoa, vua het! Ta-Na-Ke-Ta

* *

From: Hoang Kim Chau
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001
Subject: Tho:Trang rung

Gui cac truong bai tho viet hom 7 thang 6 tai Brownsea Island doc cho vui;

Trang rung
Ta om trang ngu ben rung
Mong hay la thuc ? tuong chung chiem bao
Hoa ngan noi co lao xao
Trang xua tho the loi chao tri am
Gio qua ke la thi tham
Ru ta ru cuoc phong tran da xa
Bay gio ta lai gap ta
Nay anh nay chi thay la cuoc vui
Nhin trang sao bong ngam ngui
Am ba ngay cu tieng cuoi con vang
Xua song nui goi len dang
Ba lo triu nang doi hang trang nghieng
Rung xanh xoa cuoc uu phien
Ta vui ta hat trien mien ben doi

Phong Chau (Hoang kim Chau)

* *

From: Hoang kim Chau
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001
Subject: Thu cam on.

Kinh thua quy Truong ,

That kho ma noi cho het y niem vui cua mot HDS gia khi duoc du trai huy hieu Rung vua qua.Mot ky trai tuyet voi.Hoc duoc rat nhieu dieu hay va bo ich,vui nhon ,than tinh.Gap lai mot so truong cu,co them nhieu huynh de ti muoi trong dai gia dinh HDVN.Lai co dip biet nhieu Truong tre ,tai ba va giau nhiet tinh voi Phong trao.

Toi da duoc song lai thoi thieu sinh hon nhien trong sang.Gap lai Truong Linh muc Tien Loc than thuong sau hon 15 nam xa cach.

Nhan xet cua toi: Trai duoc chuan bi rat chu dao ve du moi phuong dien,cac khoa giang thuc te xuc tich ,nhieu tro choi bo ich duoc ap dung tu nhung bai hoc,thuc an Viet nam tuyet voi,cac truong trong staff gioi va rat tan tinh huong dan cac doi trong suot nhung ngay trai.Cac truong nguoi My gioi,vui ve va hoa dong voi trai sinh VN.

Hai bua an gay an tuong manh: Bua an dau tien voi com ca thu chien dam nuoc mam xoai,canh chua ca thu.Bua an cuoi trai;dai tiec vo tien khoang hau.

Uoc gi toi nho lai 40 tuoi de duoc di trai huan luyen dai dai .Toi tham qua phai khopng quy truong.

Kinh chuc quy truong va gia gia dinh luon duoc van su nhu y va doi dao suc khoe.

Than ai btt quy truong.
Hoang kim Chau-Houston

* *

From: Ly Nhat Hui
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001
Subject: Special Edition!

Dear Staffers and WoodBadgers,

How are you guys doing? It's been a week since we left Tanah Keeta. I hope every one of you had a wonderful time, especially to fathers: Happy Fathers' Day!

Now, to promote Woodbadge courses in the future and to perserve our memories from this camp, I would like to ask each of you to write any thing to contribute to a "Special Edition" of BSA-SR-430, such as a poem, an article, pictures, etc. Please send it either to me, De Nguyen, or Dave Iwana ASAP before July 30th, 2001. Thanks a lot everyone!

Yours In Scouting,

Ki'nh thu+a quy' Tru+o+?ng,

Hy sau mo^.t tua^`n, quy' Tru+o+ng? dda~ tro+? la.i cuo^.c so^'ng bi`nh thu+o+`ng no+i quy' Tru+o+?ng sinh hoa.t, ra^'t mong quy' tru+o+?ng giu+~ ma~i nhu+~ng ky? nie^.m dde.p trong ky` tra.i vu+`a qua.

Ho^m nay, dde^? thu+.c hie^.n dda(.c san Tu`ng nguye^n 4, ra^'t mong quy' Tru+o+?ng gop' ba`i ve^` khoa' vu+`a qua, xin gu+?i ba`i ve^` ddi.a chi? cu?a to^i hay TR. DDe^., hay TR. Dave Iwana, tho+`i gian tru+o+'c 30 tha'ng 7.

Ly' Nha^.t Hui

* *

From: Nguyen Cuu Lam
Sun, 17 Jun 2001
Subject: Thank You

Than men chao quy Truong,


I am so lucky to have Lien huong as my other half! she already expressed whatever in my heart to you but I don't have the talent to write them down like that. Therefore I would like to ask Lien Huong the permission to deliver her Email to you as a part of my feeling to all of you.

Beside that, I was back home early Wenesday morning and back to work the same day to find down almost 100 phones' messages then work and work with jet lad and itching all over.

Lien Huong and I also went to visit few times to support the Basic Training course held this weekend for the new and pre- leaders of the Scout troops in Southern California.

Again and again, THANH YOU " Staffers" with all my heart and THANH YOU all My TUNG NGUYEN 4 Mates, you are so great, so fun and to make me deeply in love with all of you.

Than thuong chao va bat tay trai de hen dip khac.

Cao tram ngam,
Nguyen Cuu Lam

* *


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