Letter to Staff

August 13, 2001

Dear Tung Nguyen IV staff,

Greetings from Irving, Texas!

Wow! What a summer???…. I am finally back in my office catching up with my correspondence. I certainly enjoyed the opportunity of seeing you at the Vietnamese Wood Badge course in June. I had a very busy schedule this summer. After the Wood Badge course in Florida I went home for one week then I went to Philmont from June 24-30. The next day we drove the kids to Tampa, Florida for one week from July 1-8. Left for the National Jamboree on July 13, returned to Texas on August 2 and drove out to California for the kids to visit the grandparents. I just got back to my office today. What a summer?

For those of you wondering about my trip to Tampa, Florida, for the National US Junior Olympic Tai Kwun Do championship with my daughters Davina and Leeza, both of them won 3rd place (Bronze Medal) in sparring for their belt and age group. There were 4,800 participants at the tournament. We also stopped at Disney World for 2 days. Our family had a great time together. With my busy schedule, this trip was great for me to spend time with the kids and Lan. We drove over 3,500 miles and visited Tr. Hoang Ngoc Chau, Tr. Hoang Thong Lap, Tr. Tran Ngoc Phung and Anh-Chi Hoang of Palm Bay, Florida.

This letter is to express my appreciation for your active participation and valuable contribution in the Tung Nguyen IV, BSA 21st Century Wood Badge Course at camp Tanah Ketta, West Palm Beach, Florida, which has been concluded with great success. Your presence at this history making Wood Badge course was an encouraging factor for us as we move the Vietnamese Scouting program to the next level. Enclosed is a Tung Nguyen IV patch as a token of our appreciation for your participation.

Judging from the many laudatory remarks stated to me personally, and by the very positive participant evaluations, you played a very important role in making this special Wood Badge course a history in Vietnamese Scouting and a positive leadership learning experience. I hope you will continue to work on your ticket in the next 18 months. Please feel free to call your Ticket Counselor and me any time you have a question about your ticket. I hope that I will see all of you at Thang Tien 7, in Houston, Texas, summer 2002. We will have one large Beading Ceremony at TT7.

Again, thank you for your participation.


De Tan Nguyen
Course Director/Scoutmaster
Tung Nguyen IV - BSA-SR-430


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