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SR-430, Wood Badge

Letter from Tr. De Tan Nguyen (pdf) (5-22-01)
Email from Tr. De Tan Nguyen  to Participants and staff (May 8, 01)
National BSA Photographer
Letter from Tr. Vinh Dao, chairman of HDTU-HDVN (Vietnamese)
Email from Nicholas Nguyen
Email from
Robert C. Butcher 
    Executive Director, International Relations & Special Events
    Scouts Canada, National Council
Letter from Tr. De Tan Nguyen to Vietnamese Scout Leaders

* *

Date: May 8, 2001

To: Participants ans Staff,
From: De Tan Nguyen

Re: National BSA Photographer

During the Wood Badge course for the Vietnamese Scout leaders in Florida this June, the National BSA photographer, Michael Roytek will be with us to take photos for the BSA future publications.

The Photographer has asked each participant to bring your council/ district/unit/Lien Doan t-shirt to wear during the time of photograph.

And for female Cub Scout Leaders. Please wear your yellow Cub Scout Leader shirt if possible for special photograph session.


* *

Email from Nicholas Nguyen
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001

Hello everyone,

We are glad to see on coming applicants and interests for the up coming Wood Badge course. Within several weeks, we now have 22 confirmed participants. Majority signed participants coming from Texas and Georgia.

Our goal is to meet the least minimum requirement participant of 32. However, we are targeting 48 as the goals. So please, make your contact and get those leaders submit the application now.

Our CD, De Nguyen indicated to me that he has the approval from the National office to invite international scout leaders to take this course. However, we want to reserve a place for leaders within the BSA and provided that they submit the applicants to us as soon as possible.

We are looking for more participant from Virginnia,Penn',Washington, Florida, Southern and Northern California areas. So please continue to make your contact. The course will happen and thank all of you for the full commitment and scouting spirit.

Nicholas Nguyen

* *

Fri, 30 Mar 2001

Email from: Robert Butcher, Scouts Canada

send to: Jean McBride, International Division, Boy Scouts of America

Hello Bill,

I have spoken with John Gemmill about the information you sent us about the BSA Woodbadge Course/ Vietnamese.

We have no problem with your mailing the material directly to known Vietnamese Scouters in Canada.

As for helping to promote the training for these Scouters, if you can provide us with a copy of the mailing list, or give us an indication of where the concentrations of Vietnamese Scouting groups are, we can alert our local Council Offices and encourage them to follow up.

I hope this is helpful. If you have any further questions or suggestions please let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you in Boston,


Robert C. Butcher 
Executive Director, International Relations & Special Events
Scouts Canada, National Council
1345 Baseline Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K2C 0A7
tel (613) 224-5131 fax (613) 224-3571

* *

Date: April 4, 2001

To: Vietnamese Scout Leaders

From: De Tan Nguyen
Associate National Director
Scoutreach Division, BSA

Tel: 972-580-2168
Fax: 972-580-2184

CC: Vinh Dao, ICCVS
Duong Thi Kim Son, Canada
Nguyen Van Thuat, Australia

Subject: International Participants "Vietnamese Scout Leader
                 SR 430 Wood Badge" Course

On March 23, 2001 the International Division of the Boy Scouts of America extended an invitation to all Vietnamese Scout Leaders from the Scouts of Canada, Scoutisme Francais and the Scouts Association of Australia to attend the "Vietnamese Scout Leader SR-430 Wood Badge" course to be held from June 2-9, 2001 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

This week, we will send out invitation to the Scouters that we do have mailing addresses. Attached is the communication from the International Division for your information and also applications for the Wood Badge course, for you to promote the course in your respective Scout association. Let me know if you know of anyone else that would like to be invited to attend this special Wood Badge course.

Please contact me, if you have further questions regarding the Wood Badge course and International participation. Also, you can find more information on the Vietnamese Scout Leader Wood Badge course SR-430 at

* *

Than gi cac Trng HVN,

Hoi Hng ao Hoa Ky to chc mot khoa Huy hieu Rng, nganh Au, Thieu va Thanh, t ngay 2 en 9 thang 6, 2001 tai Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation tai West Palm Beach, Florida, do Tr. Nguyen Tan e lam khoa trng.

Chi ph trai : 175 US$.

Hng ao Hoa Ky gi li mi tat ca cac Trng HVN tai cac nc tham d khoa huan luyen nay. Ban Thng vu Hoi ong Trung ng chuyen li mi va keu goi cac Trng tai Hoa Ky cung nh tai cac Chi nhanh HVN cac nc, neu co c hoi, nen tham gia khoa huan luyen, mot dp e c huan luyen va gap g anh ch em HVN t khap ni.

Ve thu tuc ghi danh, xin cac Trng tiep xuc vi cac Uy vien ai dien Mien tai Hoa Ky hay Uy vien ai dien cac Chi nhanh.

Than chao cac Trng,

Vnh ao