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Wood Badge, SR-430

In 1994, the Scouts of Canada conducted a Wood Badge course in Southern California, utilizing the Canadian Scouts Wood Badge syllabus for 55 Vietnamese Scout leaders that were registered members of the BSA. In 1996 the same training team conducted 3 Wood Badge courses (Beaver, Scout & Rover), this time was at Gilwell Park, England. There were 123 Vietnamese Scout leaders from around the world that attended the course and 80 leaders were from the United States.

These courses were very successful and the results from the feed back were positive, with the exception that, what they learned pertained to the Scouts of Canada, not the BSA, where they were currently registered.

Those attending the above Wood Badge courses got home and started to organize units, increasing their involvement with the local Scouts council, and most of them have completed their Wood Badge ticket. Unfortunately their Wood Badge training were not recognized by the BSA.

For the past 4 years, many Vietnamese Scout leaders from across the country have requested the BSA to conduct a Wood Badge course for the Vietnamese Scout leaders. With the 21st Century Wood Badge course being rolled out this coming year, it would be a good opportunity to experiment the BSA leadership training with the targeted market such as the Vietnamese.

Also, the possibility of us conducting the 21st Century Wood Badge course for minority (African, Hispanics and Asian-Americans) scout leaders in the near future. These courses will increase the number of trained leaders from the minority communities, which in turn provides a pool of trainers for local councilís to utilize as they go forward to roll out the new 21st Century Wood Badge Course in the next few years.

The Plan:


The Gulf Stream Council, BSA, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida has expressed an interest in hosting the 21st Century Wood Badge course for Vietnamese Scout leaders, with the understanding that it is not just limited to Vietnamese Scout leaders. The Boy Scouts & Scoutreach Divisions of the Boy Scouts of America are fully supportive of this effort.


Support from the Boy Scouts Division, Scoutreach Division and the host council.


Proposed date: June 2-9, 2001
at camp Tanaketa,  Gulf Stream Council, BSA
or September 22-29, 2001 at the Florida National Seabase, Florida Keys or Philmont Training Center sometime in the fall 2001.


Through the Vietnamese National Task Force
International Central Committee on Vietnamese Scouting
Council Committees on Vietnamese Scouting

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