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Wood Badge, SR-430

Mail from: De Tan Nguyen, May 11, 2001: Staff Uniform
Mail from:
Dave Iwana, May 2nd, 2001

* *

Date: May 11, 2001
From: De Tan Nguyen

BSA-SR-430 Staff Uniform:

During the Wood Badge course, staff members wear their normal Scouting uniforms (official Scout shirt, Scout pants, web belt, socks). Each person has the option of wearing either uniform shorts or long pants.

Uniform shirts of staff members should have only the following insignia:
Council strip
American flag
World Crest Scout emblem
Shoulder loops signifying their branches of Scouting

Wood Badge beads are worn only with the official uniform and NOT with activity uniform. All staff members except the Course Director will wear 3 beads.

Each staff member should have one of each color shoulder loops, Blue, Red, & Green.
"Smoky the bear" hat will be a part of the staff uniform.

Some of you asked about Red Jacket. It is optional, because Florida will be a bit hot during June. I will not bring my.

On Friday evening dinner (feast), the uniform will be what you would normally wear for your Scouting position back home.

De Tan Nguyen

* *

Date: May 2nd, 2001
From: Dave Iwana

Dear Staffers,

Course is only 5 weeks away! De asked me to take care of certain details as ASM-Administration/Scribe before we start our adventure.

Uniforms for staffers will be the: BSA shirt (this is our Troop 1 Gilwell shirt - remove all patches except your Counsel shoulder patch, World Brotherhood of Scouting patch, US flag, troop number 1 and your WB troop position); BSA shorts (long if because of religious/health reasons); leather belt w/ax & log or any Wood Badge buckle; BSA green/red short socks; and Campaign hat (no BSA pins). The BSA red wool jacket (no patches) is optional at this time. This will be our uniform for course with the exception of our activity shirts (to be provided) and your home unit shirt for the last day. If you have blue, red and green shoulder loops bring them, otherwise De will have a supply to use. Name tags/plates may be provided, however if you have one, wear it. You may wish to bring 2 Gilwell shirts to alternate while laundering during the week. Uniforms for participants will be their home unit shirt, etc. They do not need a Troop 1 Gilwell shirt. If you have not returned the Staff Application form with your check, please do so immediately. It has important information which we need for course. If possible, please ASAP email or mail me your Wood Badge totem. I need it for several course materials for participants. I need them no later than Friday 5/11/01. Also, bring your table totem (typically a piece of wood with your totem drawn on it) to use when dining with the patrols. There will be a limited amount of supplies available to use for creating presentations, therefore if you require specific items, let De or me know and it will be passed along to the Quartermaster. There should be a printer and copier available at the facility for our use.

Should you have any immediate questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email me and I will make sure it gets to the right person for response. Much more to come...

Yours in Scouting,

Dave Iwana
Viejo, CA
949.399.5879 work
949.582.2911 home